I love working with my hands to make my own creations. Crafting is my hobby and my passion. I started the craft since I was a child. I worked on many different art projects. Painting, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, design t-shirt, and origami to name a few, and whenever I meet a new medium, trying to master it.

I hope you enjoy the "Craft Foam Donald Duck" guide I've written for you. I have a full time job, working as a graphic designer in the IT industry, I always want more time . I like crafts. I do whenever I have time.

Craft Foam Donald Duck

Final Image Materials:
Craft Foam, Scissor, Glue, Pencil, Double Tape

Getting Started:
Craft foam is a thin springy material that comes in different-colored sheets. The foam is easy to cut, glue and paint to be used in many different ways to create colorful accessories such as holiday and party decorations as well as children’s craft projects.
Drawing Donald Duck Step 1:
Our objective is to create cartoon. I've selected 'Donald Duck', I found a small picture drawn on a candy wrapper best suits for this project.

I want to stick this cartoon on a refrigerator, so I took size and started drawing donal duck.
Donald Duck Drawing Step 2:
Here's donald duck finished drawing. We have to cut this drawing, its best to name different portions with color names, so that we don't get confused and cut wrong color sheet. I've selected light blue, orange, yellow, white and black colors for donald duck. I've also selected red and dark orange colors but don't have craft foam so decided to use acrylic paint and marker.
double the line Step 3:
We need two portions of donald duck, one for base and other will cut out in to pieces. We will place these cutouts over base later on. For that purpose we have to draw another line to get margin between base and upper pieces as shown in image.
Cutting Donald Duck Cartoon Step 4:
Lets start cutting outer line to get base. After that we will trace it to get another piece.
Two pieces of donald duck Step 5:
Here we get two pieces.
Inner pieces Step 6:
Now we have to cut out inner lines to keeping the margin as shown in image. Cut out all pieces one by one.
pieces of donald duck Step 7:
After cutting out your pieces, they should look like as shown in image.
Tracing on craft foam Step 8:
Start tracing these cutouts on Craft Foam as we named them.
craft foam cutouts Step 9:
Cut out all pieces one by one and you will get different color craft foam cotouts.
base Step 10:
Now cut out base.
adhere cutouts Step 11:
Now adhere all cutouts one by one on black base using glue. Be very patient you may need little cutting while placing cutouts with each other. Maintain margin between all pieces as it works as line and is very important for composition.
craft foam donald duck cartoon Step 12:
So this is the final product, a Complete Craft Foam Donald Duck Cartoon :) Yay!
Double Tape Step 13:
I'm very eager to see how it looks on refrigerator, lets use double sided tape at back side of donald duck base. Let's place it on a refrigerator and see how it looks.
Pasting donald duck on refrigerator WOW it looks great :). Congratulations you have successfully completed this project.

Initiate your own project, you can create Door hangers, book covers, book marks and many amazing decorations. Craft foam is a versatile tool for art projects. Enjoy