Having Fun with Sculpture, using variety of techniques that are created from scratch, these beautiful decoration pieces, gifts, logos etc are my handiwork and my joy. Working with crafts and sculptures always enhance and encourage creativity in my self.

3-D Cardboard Logo Sculpture

Weblo Final Logo Materials:
Masking tape, box paper, tissue paper, pencil, scissor, paper cutter, thin cardboard, glue, paint spray (green, blue, white), Styrofoam, Adhesive like samad bond to join cardboard together you can use what ever available in your market.

Getting Started:
First of all, sorry for my crappy English. Iím really bad in it but Iíll try my best to explain How to create 3-d cardboard Logo.

Get a base. Being light and fragile, cardboard sculptures can easily tip over. Anchoring your sculpture to a solid, flat piece of wood, stone or some other material will prevent it from falling over and potentially getting damaged.
Build the basic structure of the sculpture. You can either use boxes as parts or cut them up into the shape you desire. I choose round shape as of my logo. Styrofoam and cardboard are my basic material as they are very light and I want to hang it in my office place.
Logo Base Step 1:
Lets start by cutting a round piece of Styrofoam using paper cutter, whatever size you want. My size is 1 foot 6 inches in radius and having almost 1 inch of thicknes. Check image on left:

Step 2:
Cut another piece of Styrofoam size 2 inches bigger than the first. In my case, I donít have much piece so I cut remaining part of Styrofoam left giving me a round ring, as shown in image left. Iíll attach both of these pieces using supports as shown in image below:
base attached Step 3:
Join these two surfaces together using glue have same distance all around. Donít use adhesives having spirit or petrol, it will burn Styrofoam. 
base reday Step 4:
Cover Styrofoam using hard cardboard by cutting same sizes and paste them on each other using glue.
logo strips Step 5:
Cut strips of box board. Fold them from center using glue so that they get attached with each other and become thick.
molding strips molding strips2
Step 6:
Cover edges of both bases with box board strips as shown in image.

Keeping in mind, when you color them using spray it should not pass through these strips. It will damage Styrofoam and weakens the base.
covering Step 7:
Iíve tried to see the color output after spraying small area of cardboard, but doesnít comeout as I wanted. I want a clean output especially colors. Its upto you if you are okay with rough look skip this step. In the next step I started covering cardboard with box board cutting same sizes of circles and attaching them using glue.
color spray Step 8:
After pasting box board start painting with color spray. Spray very carefully to cover edges and joints of box board.
colored piece Step 9:
Hereís the colored piece of ready base of my logo.
logo drawing Step 10:
Now draw sketch of logo on box board within the circle equal to the top area of base. As shown in figure.
cutting logo Step 11:
Now start cutting your logo piece by piece. Check image at left, I cut and arrange them together.
attaching pieces Step 12:
Now trace all pieces on cardboard and cut them. Cut two pieces of each trace take each and every piece and cut cardboard of equal sizes. Attach them together using glue and masking tape.
logo globe final Step 13:
Repeating the same process pasting box board all around cardboard. Now it is ready for color spray.
color logo globe Step 14:
Coloring logo piece using green spray color.
Step 15:
Coloring small pieces of logo and let them dry. Mean while lets move to the other details of logo.
Step 16:
Cutting letter W and pasting them together using Adhesive like samad bond. Make a thin layer on both sides of pieces you are going to attach. Let them dry, when it gets dry attach them and apply some pressure they will join together.
Step 17:
Now its time to attach all pieces together, attach them very carefully using Adhesive like samad bond.
Step 18:
Here it is :), a ready 3-D Cardboard Logo Sculpture.
Step 19:
I hanged it in my office and everybody likes it cheers, create your own and have fun!
Don't be afraid to start over. After all, if you don't like your piece, you can always recycle it :)