T-Shirt Designing


This is all based on my own personal experience over the past 7 years. The design and decoration of T-shirts can be a CRAFT project enjoyable for all age groups. Experiment with crafting techniques and have fun designing and creating T-shirts that will fit any personality.

I don't use templates for creating T-shirt designs, I create my own ideas to create original designs from scratch. Do you want to know how? Check following step by step guide:

T-Shirt Fabric Color Stencil Designing

DesignMystery T-Shirt Design Materials:
A4 printer paper, Paper cutter or an exacto knife, Fabric paints, Paintbrushes, Cutting board or cardboard, T-Shirt and Iron

Getting Started:
I've selected my own photo for t-shirt design as it is also designmystery's offical logo :). Lets start by creating an illustration using adobe photoshop.
Original Photo Step 1:
Open new document copy and paste image in it. Use the Pen Tool and create a selection around the image. Select the Inverse and press Delete.

Remove Photo Unnecessary Background Step 2:
Now you have removed unnecessary background color to your object. You should end up with something like this.
Posterize Photo Step 3:
posterize image and start tracing prominent lines using pen tool. Don't go in details keep it simple. Just use your imagination.
lineart Step 4:
Now that you have your primary photo lines traced. In further steps you are going to create stencil from these lines so take 3 to 4 prints.
cutting stencil Step 5:
Using your paper cutter or exacto knife, cut those areas which are surrounded by lines.
Creating DesignMystery Stencil Step 6:
Cut out the white parts of the stencil and leave the black lines intact. Our target is to get complete out lines of the stencil. Make sure you are cutting on your cutting board or cardboard!

This is the part of stenciling that takes the longest- be patient!
3 completed stencils Step 7:
Here are my three layered completed stencils. In these stencil I've tried to cover each and every detail of lines.
Tracing designmystery stencil on t-shirt Step 8:
Lets start tracing stencils on t-shirt one by one to draw complete illustration. I've used lead pencil for tracing stencils.
final t-shirt trace Step 9:
Here's the final t-shirt trace of my three stencils.
select fabric color Step 10:
Select fabric colors for your painting, I used red, yellow, black and white. Mix enough paint of each colour at the start. Dilute it with a bit of water. Water acts as a lightener. Think of it as your “white”.

Flatten out whatever part of tshit you are putting the design and place a board/piece of cardboard in between the front and back of tshirt(this will keep paint from bleeding through)
Start Painting Step 11:
Paint in your stencil with your fabric paints, but don't be aggressive with your brush and let each layer dry before painting another. Two to three layers are usually good, any less and the color won't be vibrant, any more and your shirt will crack on its first time through the wash. If you are impatient waiting for the paint to dry you may use a hair dryer on it, but use it carefully..
designmystery t-shirt designmystery t-shirt designmystery t-shirt
designmystery t-shirt Step 12:
Keep the tip directly against the fabric for the best results. Use shorter lines, this will help paint stay straight and even.

Keep a few empty painting bottles with you for mixing colors. Water can be used when mixing fabric paints to lighten colors.
let paint dry Step 13:
Painted fabric takes at least 24 hours to dry, but should be left for 72 hours before washing. Once paint is completely dry, place a piece of clean paper over design and iron on med for 3 to 5 min. If the paper sticks let the design cool before peeling off the paper.

Congratulations! You have successfully stenciled a shirt! Wear your cool tshirt and show off your artwork!